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Update from Thailand :: June 11

*To keep up with images from the trip, follow Pastor Jason on instagram!

June 11 We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the hotel in Bangkok. The menu included Western, European, and Thai foods. Several of us tried the Thai cabbage and local honey (nam peung). We had a quick flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. We ate lunch at Keaw Pla Sod Reataurant in Chiang Mai. We shared large dishes of pad pak ruam, pad kapao, pad med mamuang, kang keaw wan. Everyone agreed that the food was outstanding. After lunch, we traveled to Chiang Dao for a coffee stop before heading to UHDP, our home base for the trip. We arrived at UHDP  just before dinner. Our projects over the next two days include painting at UHDP and construction of a roof for a water treatment system, located nearby. As an evening devotional, Jason led us in readings of the daily office. Before bed, we prayed the prayer of examine individually.

Here are some impressions on the morning of June 11, following our very long travel day (June 9-10) to Bangkok.

Bryan: Thank God for hot showers! 

Benjamin: Six hours of sleep is amazing!

Ed: It's a long way from Minneapolis to Tokyo!

Luke: Jet lag releases your inner self!

Cathy: Birds singing in the morning reminded me of God's presence around the world!

Tracy: We are literally halfway around the world!

Jason: Excited to introduce my 2BC friends to my Thai friends!


Posted by Kelsey Adams at Saturday, June 14, 2014
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Update from Thailand :: June 9–10

*To keep up with images from the trip, follow Pastor Jason on instagram!

During June 9-10 we traveled some 18 hours from KC to Bangkok. We saw amazing views of glaciers and mountains when flying over parts of Alaska. We also experienced one interesting security check in Narita (Japan). One of us had a pair of small, blunt-nosed sewing scissors, packed in carry-on luggage, for emergency clothing repairs. When these were discovered, the inspectors went to great lengths to determine if the scissors were legal. After several meticulous measurements, we were allowed to keep the scissors and continue on our journey! The inside humor here is that Tracy brought the scissors and sewing kit at Jason's request. We arrived in Bangkok around 11:30 PM local time. We were exhausted but very thankful for safe travel. We felt the many prayers for us along the way.


Posted by Kelsey Adams at Saturday, June 14, 2014
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Update from Nepal :: June 11



We spent our first week in a mountain village in Chandi Bhanjhang in the Chitwan district of Nepal. The village is isolated, no roads in and out, just a 2 hour (3 hour for us!) hike up a mountain trail. There was no plumbing and only one fresh water source for the entire village. No refrigeration and limited solar electricity. Our efforts were spent with teachers from three area schools. We observed and learned about their teaching processes and also demonstrated western teaching methods designed to engage the children. We noticed marked changes in the teachers over the course of the week and in the children’s interaction with the teachers. It was very exciting for everyone. Our training was well received and the principal and villagers asked us back soon. My favorite part was getting to know the welcoming and warm people of the village. We quickly became part of the community, working with the children and teachers during the day, and sharing meals, stories,  and laughs in the evenings. 

This week we are with a village in the valley. The same village we visited last year.  Five schools coming together to share. We’ll write more later. Thank you for all the prayers. 

Liz Soper

Posted by Kelsey Adams at Wednesday, June 11, 2014
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