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Update from India : Sunday, May 4–Monday, May 5

Yesterday, May 4, I preached at two services and Steve preached at one.  My morning was at the Guwahati Baptist Church, an Assamese congregation of about 300, adjacent to the Council of Baptist Churches compound.  It was the first Sunday of the month and thus baptism Sunday.  13 adult candidates were immersed--5 women and 8 men.  The baptistry was under the platform and reminded me of the stories of old in the US.  The afternoon service was wiith a Naga speaking congregation of about 80.  They were mainly students and hill people who had migrated to the city.  You will have to ask Steve about his short, two point sermon. 

Today, Monday, May 5, we leave Guwahati to come home.  Kolkatta, Mumbai, Brussels, Newark, KCI.  We may be in bed in Clay County by about midnight on Tuesday.  A quick summary of the last 17 days would read: Preached 11 times.  Presented Challenges and Opportunities in Christian Higher Education 5 times to 11 different schools/institutions.  Ate lots of rice, curry, steamed and boiled veggies.  No ice cream.  Lots of stories. 

Thanks to Second Baptist Church for their financial help and to all the rest for prayers and encouragement.  We are eager to report and be accountable for your support. 

Jerry and Steve

Posted by Kelsey Adams at Friday, May 9, 2014
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Update from India : Friday, May 2

Friday, May 2, we awoke in Kohima anticipating a 2 hour trip to Dimapur for breakfast with a donor and Baptist layman followed by a 4 hour trip to Guwahati, arriving back at the CBC offices by 4:00 pm.  Events of the day, however, reminded us of the mantra, Be Flexible. 

A firefight between insurgents and the army on Thursday left two rebels dead and the insurgents declared they would close the road we were scheduled to take back to Guwahati.  The announcement said the insurgents would feel free to fire on vehicles taking that specific road, our planned route.  So from Dimapur, Steve, Dr. and Dr. Lama and I took the 7 hour route back to Guwahati rather than the 4 hour route. 

On the extended trip we went through the national wildlife refuge and saw 8 of the very rare and reclusive black rhinos.  Nice.  The car however broke down and we sat beside the road at a shade tree mechanic's shop for 3 hours while Raj Goodwrench performed his miracles.  It was amazing to watch him take the engine apart, find the malfunctioning washer for the timing belt, remove it and try to fabricate a new one from the broken parts.  He was a master with a wrench (no power tools) a welder and a grinder.  After watching his artistry, we got back on the road only to travel about one hour before the timing belt broke. By now it was dark. 

Dr. Lama had previously called two of his drivers who were enroute from Guwahati with a new vehicle and we waited only one hour beside the road until they arrived.  After swapping all our luggage and stuff to the new vehicle, we left the two drivers in the dark with the broken vehicle as they awaited the tow-truck.  We made it back to CBCNEI by about 10:30 pm.  The drivers got back to CBC about 3 a.m. this morning after leaving the broken vehicle at the dealer's. 

We made no speeches on Friday but saw lots of goodness in action.  Lessons:  One shade-tree Indian mechanic is a brilliant tradesman.  Indian Christians love and appreciate Dr. Lama.  People want to help.  Travelers must have patience.  Evil upsets many systems. 

Jerry and Steve

Posted by Kelsey Adams at Friday, May 9, 2014
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Update from India: Thursday, May 1

We drove through the Naga Hills this morning and arrived at Japfu Christian College for 9:00 tea and 10:00 chapel.  About 400 people were present and the aisles were filled with additional chairs.  They listened intently.  Then we had tea with the faculty and spent an hour talking about the proposed Christian university on the drawing board.  That was followed by lunch in the Principal's home where we met her husband and other college leaders.  The school is about 15 years old and doing very well. 

On our way into Kohima we stopped at the cemetery for casualties of the Battle of the Tennis Courts in WWII where the Japanese were finally stopped in their march westward.  It was nice to see the the way soldiers from Christian, Hindu and Muslim faiths were honored with equal dignity. 

By 5 pm were were at the office complex of the Naga Baptist Church Convention.  Quick trip to the NBCC Convention Center which is another story.  Dinner and presentations with convention staff in the unair-conditioned guest house where we are staying tonight.  Over 90% of Nagaland is Baptist and they are grateful for the first Baptist missionaries who came here in 1872.  They are a wonderful example of effective mission work. Travel day tomorrow.  No presentations. 

Steve and Jerry

Posted by Kelsey Adams at Friday, May 9, 2014
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