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The Hub--what is it?

belong | believe | become

Have you seen or heard those words around here?  Pastor Jason says this, about those words:

We hope all three B's are happening within our faith community simultaneously, but there is purpose in the order. Whether you are a first time guest, a longtime member, or somewhere in between, we want you to know a deepening level of belonging among us. This isn't just because we want you to feel welcome at Second Baptist. This is because of our conviction that a deep level of belonging to Christ and the Christ community will bring about holy transformation in your life, in our church, and around our world. 

This is why relationship is a core value for us at Second Baptist. This is why our desire to foster meaningful, Christ-centered Community is at the forefront of our mission statement. It is because we subscribe to the biblical notion that we were created in the image of our God who is in essence a social reality: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God existing in sacred community is on mission to make our broken world whole. We want to be a part of that mission. We want to experience it. And so we begin where God begins, in sacred community.

The Hub is part of the connecting community--to become.  It is our online port of communication and connection. The Hub is where you can find a friend's birthday, or the phone number and email of a new acquaintance. Does your child want to go to Disciple Now? The Hub is where you register and pay for that event. Did you forget when your next committee meeting is? The Hub has the answers. 

Unlike Facebook and other social media sites, the Hub is just for our faith family. You need a system generated password and access permissions to even get in the site. We've attached here an instruction page on how to get started using the Hub. If you need more help, contact Ellen or Janet at the church office (816-781-2824) and they will be glad to help ease the process of getting acquainted.

at Friday, February 17, 2017
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Kids making a tough situation a little brighter...

Do you wonder what our 2BC kiddos are doing on Wednesday nights during missions activities?  Well, one thing is making posters for the prison ministry that 2BC member Curt Walther is a part of.  These are just a sample of wonderful thoughts from our Mission Friends, Girls in Action and Boys in Action.  Thank you, kiddos, for helping to make a tough situation a bit more bearable.

— Children's Pastor Gwen Phillips

Posted by Nicole Swanson at Wednesday, October 21, 2015
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Thanks, Boys in Action!

Boys in Action worked hard last night at Wednesday night Sanctuary scrubbing the courtyard and getting it all clean and usable for children to play!

Thanks, guys for a job well done!

Posted by Nicole Swanson at Thursday, September 10, 2015
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