Community Groups


The Christ life has always been a common life. Our dream is that with each passing day, we will see and know and experience this life that can be fully embodied only in community. Community group members covenant together to nurture their relationship with God, to care for one another, and to engage in some common activity, study, or service that is unique to their group. 


Our Community Groups Ministry exists to help people grow deeper in relationship with God and each other to minister more effectively in the world. As such, community groups are a key element in our Faith Formation goal. A diverse number and style of groups make up our Community Group Ministry, and we see these groups as a vital ingredient in overall adult growth and spiritual formation. 

At 2BC we encourage every member to make a threefold commitment toward faith formation: 
• Attend Worship Services
• Participate in a community group
• Engage in one ministry/commitment

One of our community groups started a community garden, another traveled to New York to serve for a week, and yet another meets weekly to knit for themselves and other ministries and offers nurturing conversation and support for each other. Our theater and drama group are often part of our worship and support the ministry through community events here in the church. New group leaders are already dreaming together about group opportunities that will be available this fall. 

We encourage members to connect with a Community Group. This means being connected relationally to a small group of believers for the purpose of mutual encouragement, study, sharing and accountability. As group members who share meals, study scripture, pray together, and serve together; we hope to get a sense of what it means to “have all things in common.”


Our Community Group Ministry at Second Baptist is made up of a variety of group types designed to meet a variety of participants’ needs toward spiritual growth and involvement.Study GroupSpiritual growth through study, exploration and understanding of God’s word. Study groups can focus on the Bible, topical books, and new Christian concept studies.

Activity Group

Groups structured to share and explore a common activity. Activity-based community groups are a great way for people to get to know each other and move intentionally toward discussions and spiritual growth through a shared interest.

Support Group

Groups structured toward learning, encouragement, healing and growth of members who have gone through or are going through a common experience or crisis.

Covenant Group

Long-term support systems, high-commitment groups. The purpose of the Covenant Group is to provide an environment where members of 2BC can grow to know God as they fellowship, equip one another, and reach out to those who need Jesus Christ in the community and world.  Covenant groups commit themselves to one another for the benefit of their mutual spiritual growth by means of a covenant—a serious commitment or promise between people and before God.