Deacon Nominations

Deacon Nominations 2017

Each fall, the congregation is asked to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider those in our church that exemplifies the role of a servant leader and to submit their names.

  • Nominees should be at least 21 years of age and have been members of 2BC for at least three years.
  • You may submit up to five names. (See the list below of those already ordained as deacons.)
  • Nominations must be submitted by Nov. 8.

Click here to make nominations.

What is a deacon at Second Baptist Church?

A deacon at Second is a servant leader called out to support the ministerial staff and the congregation by way of Christ-centered engagement and caring.

What We Do

We offer our hospitality and compassionate care, including being on-call to the emergency needs of all our congregational family members. We make hospital and home visits; administering sacred ordinances. Deacon's stay prayerful, encouraging and supportive; serving with creativity within the church, in the community and beyond. And we give our time, talents and money with compassion and generosity.

Who We Are

Deacons are a multi-generational group of men and women serving as an extension of the pastoral staff to foster spiritual vibrancy and Christ-centered caring and worship in our church.

Below is a list of already ordained Deacons. Please do not include these individuals in your nominations. At a given time, about 25 Deacons are in active service.

Blane Baker   Kathy Campbell Mazi
Cathy Baker   Loreta Moore
Debbie Blanton   Ron Mullennix
Wes Blanton   Cindy Noel
Bryan Boyd   Jim Noel
Sabra Boyd   Keith Oberkrom
Lyndell Brenton   Gwen Phillips
Roxann Brenton   Harold Phillips
Don Brown   Phil Posey
Helen Brown   Marian Reineke
Marilyn Buhlig   Bill Riggs
Angela Bush   Laura Rodgers
Steve Bush   Anne Sizemore
Bud Calvert   Chris Sizemore
Steve Carder   Donald Smith
Ed Chasteen   Becky Starnes
Becky Dempsey   Gary Starnes
David Driskill   Bert Stouffer
Marcia Duke   Jacque Stouffer
Amy Duncan   Jim Tanner
Greg Duncan   Chris Thompson
Beth Dusin   George Townsend
Bob Evans   Dan Triplett
Carolyn Fulk   Doug Triplett
David Fulk   Jim Van Slyke
David Fuller   Jerry White
Don Geilker   Ron Whited
Neita Geilker   Sue Wright
Suzie Goertz   Rolland Yoakum
Becky Gossett   Eric Zahnd
Bill Gossett   Tracy Zahnd
Darrel Gourley      
Vonda Gourley      
Ellen Gregory      
Jordan Groves      
Rich Groves      
Ann Henning      
David M. Heston      
John Hilton      
Mark Hilton      
Karen Horne      
Charlie Hughes      
Larry Jones      
Drew Kingery      
Debbie Lane      
Ed Lane      
Jeff Langford