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"Good News! God can meet our waiting desires." -Word and Way Advent Devo. featuring Pastor Jason

Good News!  

God can meet our waiting desires

Today's Scripture: Luke 1:5-25, 67-79 

When Zechariah entered the temple that day, he entered as a life shaped by hope-filled waiting. 

He was a waiting Israelite who entered holding the hope of Israel's long Advent wait - that the Lord would show up and restore them again to their ancient glory. Zechariah was a waiting Israelite. 

He was a waiting priest. The opportunity for a priest to enter the holy place and make sacrifices was one that usually only came around once in a lifetime. Just as Zechariah had waited for God's mighty entrance among the people, he'd also waited his whole life to make his own entrance before God. This was the moment he'd been waiting for - as an Israelite, as a priest and as someone who'd long wanted to become a parent. 

I imagine his desire to see God as an Israelite and a priest was only surpassed by his longing to see God in the face of his own child. In spite of all their sacred striving, Elizabeth and Zechariah had never been able to conceive. By now, they probably assumed they never would. By now, the hope that had once filled their waiting was surely waning - which may be why Zechariah almost missed the Good News. 

When Zechariah finally emerged from the temple that day, he couldn't say a word. The angel had responded to his unbelief by rendering him speechless. Strangely, it was his silence that confirmed to the crowd (and probably to him as well) that something divine had just happened. Maybe there's a little wisdom in there for us as well. Maybe sometimes we're too busy speaking to hear. 

Maybe sometimes our words are muffling God's Word. 

Maybe sometimes we just need to wait in silent wonder for the advent of a new day.

This Advent devotional from Pastor Jason was featured in the Word and Way Newsletter on Monday, Dec. 8.  To learn more about Word and Way you can visit their website at

Posted by Kelsey Adams at Tuesday, December 9, 2014
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Much To Be Thankful For

A warm and cheery crowd from our 2BC family gathered at Heritage Hall Wednesday night at the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for a celebration of all that we have to be thankful for. A delicious meal prepared by 2BC members Jim Tinkham and his wife, Stacey, satisfied our hunger, and our souls were satisfied by a Thanksgiving litany and a time when adults and children alike could share the things for which they are thankful. The kids made Thanksgiving placemats and turkey hats with the help of some of our students, and all in all it was an excellent way to usher in the holiday season! 

The efforts of many people went into making the evening come together. Special thanks to:

Patsy Triplett and the Arts and Environment team
Mike Lassiter and his volunteer team
Gwen Phillips and Maria for the children's activity tables
Sara Langford and the Liberty High School SerTeens
Anne Aunspaugh and family
Joey Dugdale and Heritage Hall
Everyone who helped serve during the evening

Posted by Terri Soper at Thursday, November 20, 2014
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Already/Not Yet : A Catalyst 2.0 Update

One of the great, mysterious tensions in Scripture — and in our lives — is often described simply as Already/ Not Yet. The Kingdom of God is come/the Kingdom of God is coming. Jesus is with us/Jesus will be with us. We have been saved/we are being saved/we will be saved. At its core, there is an already/not yet nature to Christian faith. 

This beautiful tension might also be used to describe our Catalyst 2.0 ministry plan. We’ve already approved it (Yay!), but we’ve not yet fulfilled it. This is true both of the many wonderful dreams for ministry we blessed as a congregation at our most recent church conference, and of the financial gifts needed to fund those dreams to make them a reality. 

I continue to be so encouraged by the faithful, sacrificial generosity of so many of you. We’ve celebrated so many good things happening in ministry over the past 24 months, and that is due — in no small part — to the generosity of time, skills and resources that so many of you continue to offer. It’s inspiring. 

And it’s also provocative. The many things we’re able to accomplish together continue to provoke my thoughts toward what we might be able to accomplish if we were truly “all in.” We currently have projected commitments for roughly 93% of our Catalyst 2.0 goal. We’re close, and that’s exciting. We could be closer though. We could far exceed our goal. We could accomplish far more together than we’ve ever dreamed possible. If we were all in, we could truly reach out and give the glorious dreams of God an all-2BC bear hug. We’re only as far away from fully embracing God’s dreams for us as each of us are from being all in. 

Will you take a moment to prayerfully celebrate something amazing that God has done through our faith community recently? Will you then take another moment to prayerfully consider how you might personally help our community take its next step forward for Christ and His Kingdom in the months ahead? 

With Great Joy and Great Hope,   


Posted by Terri Soper at Friday, November 14, 2014
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