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A Note from Pastors Jason and Connie


We must recognize that people’s lives are not organized the way they once were. We now live in a culture where, predominately, every working age adult in a household “goes to work.” This affects a family’s time and availability for volunteerism, learning, worship and other activities as well. Each day parents brave traffic to get home from their job, picking up children from school and childcare, sometimes shuffling them to extra-curricular activities, which happen even on Wednesdays and Sundays now. They then return to homes situated all over Liberty and Kansas City, often exhausted, but knowing they still want to find sacred space for their family to spend time together. Time with family is a shrinking, precious commodity. One young father once quipped to me, “you couldn’t pay me enough to drive across I-35 into Liberty traffic to get my kids from home to the church building on a Wednesday evening.” This is a significant part of the reality in which we now live. 

With these and other factors and opportunities in mind, our church staff has been working on ways to better meet the discipleship and service needs of people in our community, starting this fall. In the article that follows, Associate Pastor Connie McNeill shares these plans in great detail. 

Jason Edwards
Senior Pastor


We are truly excited about bringing hours of conversation together into a new fall programming schedule. There is a lot of information for you, and we are talking about various ways we can make it available, so no one misses out on any opportunity. To begin with, we have to create new space in the existing program. That starts with replacing our Wednesday night meal, adult programs, and children’s missions options. We want to have new ways that we hope will accommodate households in better ways to accomplish the commitments we have to our mission—to provide meaningful Christ-centered community, to nurture whole-life faith and to be a transforming missional presence starting in Liberty. Here’s a bulleted list of changes:

  • On Wednesdays, a pastors-led Bible study and brown bag lunch at noon for anyone interested and available; Wednesday night Community Groups can meet at church and will have childcare provided; Ministry Task Forces and Ministry Teams can meet on Wednesday night at the church and take advantage of the childcare provided. Adult music offerings continue as usual on Wednesday nights. Occasional Wednesday Dinners that are church-wide for special events will be offered.
  • Sunday morning children’s Sunday School will include one Sunday a month as a mission study for boys and girls and one Saturday mission service days throughout the year. The adult teachers in these classes are encouraged to sit in on the adult Bible study the morning they don’t teach. Deacons, Task Forces, Ministry Teams will meet on the second Sunday of each month. Standing Committees and Church Council will meet on the third Sunday of each month. Let’s keep the first, fourth and fifth Sundays free of meetings. Sunday morning Bible studies will continue, and we hope that those who aren’t already organized as Community Study Groups, will fashion themselves into Community Study Groups. (Cont. on next page).
  • A third Worship Service is currently scheduled to begin on August 12 at 9:45 a.m. The worship style will be contemporary with an acoustic sound. We are starting this worship experience for those not in a church anywhere who are looking for this style worship and for others who prefer this style. We are fulfilling our mission statement for some by creating this third service.
  • Coffee and Conversation Groups continue on the 1st and 3rd Mondays. Coffee and Conversation is an existing  Community Activity Group.
  • Women on Mission continues on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. This is a Community Study/Ministry Group.
  • We will relaunch Community Groups which are organized around one or more of the following foci: study, covenant, activity, and ministry. Our goal is for everyone who regularly worships with us to be engaged in a Community Group.
  • MOPS will continue on the 2nd Friday of each month during the school year.
  • Whole Life Retreats will be held on Friday-Saturdays up to four times a year. Our goal is that everyone who regularly worships with us will participate in at least one Whole Life Retreat each year. Our first retreat is in the planning stage with Carrie Bartlow and Tanna Campbell as co-chairs. The planning team also includes Angie Fuller, Heather Lewis, Kathy Benavidez and Hanni Guinn. Men will soon be hearing about an option designed just for them.
  • Zoom into a meeting! The church has a Zoom account for groups to utilize and to create a platform for us to offer online, live-time teaching, meetings, and other group experiences for those who cannot leave their homes.

Some of these opportunities are still in the planning stages, so details are still being finalized. Please feel free to ask any of the pastors about any of these opportunities that interest you and especially those you would be interested in helping lead. We are certain that as we work out the kinks, we will need to adjust schedules, add things here and there. and maybe remove things that aren’t helpful or meaningful to you. We welcome your feedback and your prayers.

Connie McNeill
Associate Pastor, Administration and Discipleship



Posted by Connie McNeill at Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Ramadan Mubarak by Carol Kingery

Ramadan is observed during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.  It’s a time of spiritual reflection, improvement, increased devotion, and worship by Muslims worldwide. Muslims wake before dawn and consume some protein and water.  From dawn until sunset they fast and continue to pray throughout the day.  At sunset, they break their fast with a huge meal followed by more prayers. 

“Salaam”, “Ramadan Mubarak”, hugs, handshakes, and smiles were our greetings as we entered the Islamic Center of North Kansas City last Sunday evening prior to sunset, which would occur at 8:30 p.m.  We were guests of Carol’s English as a second language student, Tahani, and her family.  The occasion was a potluck dinner after sundown during this time of Ramadan.  

Drew was well-taken care of on the men’s side.  Someone was always there to talk with him and bring him heaping plates of food.  Likewise, Carol never lacked for a companion and hospitality on the women’s side.  We had a great time and ate way too much food! We feasted on Middle Eastern dishes that we can’t pronounce and tasted wonderful

We left before evening prayers began at 10:00 (and lasted to 11:30 p.m.!)  Despite not looking like everyone else or speaking Arabic, we couldn’t have felt more welcome.  The warmth was genuine and plentiful.  Even though we did not understand the language, the universal language of friendship and acceptance was understood by all.

As coincidence would have it, 2BC’s Mission Committee is planning to provide baklava, brought by Muslim guests, at the July 22nd church conference.  Additionally, they are planning a community Ramadan fast-breaking meal for us next spring.  These are two events you’re not going to want to miss!  


at Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Lent, a Time of Preparation by Blane Baker








Thinking of Lent as a time of preparation, I believe, is very appropriate, especially for 21st century Christians. I suspect that if we were honest, we would admit that we spend far less time on our faith than on many other affairs of our lives. In spite of these struggles, Jesus’ actions can guide us as we prepare during this Easter season.  

The gospel writers pay particular attention to three aspects of Jesus’ ministry, related to how Jesus spent time in preparation. Beginning from a young age, we know that Jesus sought to grow closer to God through study and dialogue. At the age of twelve, He was already “doing My Father’s business” by learning from others and engaging in questions concerning spiritual matters. Apparently, he was so deeply involved in these matters that once He was left behind in Jerusalem before His family found Him after three days of searching. From these descriptions, we know that Jesus pursued God through study and learning of scripture. Later, He taught, not only his closest disciples, but thousands of others who hungered for a new way to be in relationship with God. Given his extreme devotion to God, His words were marked not by emptiness and strife but by authority and conviction.

Jesus also gained comfort and strength through prayer. In many instances, Jesus went off by Himself to talk to God. Prior to enduring Satan’s temptations in the wilderness, Jesus had already prayed and fasted for some forty days. Despite being hungry, Jesus withstood three temptations and afterwards began His ministry in Galilee. At other times, Jesus distanced Himself from the crowds so that He could regain both physical and spiritual strength. The Bible often simply states that He went away to pray. Jesus continued to model prayer throughout His life, including during the time he spent in the Garden of Gethsemane before His crucifixion and even as He hung on the cross. We, as followers, can learn much from His example.       

Finally, Jesus engaged in service to all those He encountered along the way. We know that He served His own disciples on numerous occasions. He also healed, fed, and encouraged countless others. His way of service was not one that demanded recognition but one that encouraged the same of His followers. One clear example of this is when the disciples came to Him saying that the hungry crowd should be sent away to buy food. He responded simply, “You give them something to eat.” (Matthew 14:16b) Here, Jesus is challenging those who follow Him to meet the need at hand. We should do likewise.  

As we prepare during this season of Lent, I would encourage each of us to take Christ’s example seriously. During these days, strengthen your faith through study and meditation, pray to God for strength for the journey, and serve others with cheerful hearts. For in doing so, you serve our Savior Jesus Christ.   



at Tuesday, March 13, 2018
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